How to Create a Winning Team Through Positive Leadership

Players win games and teams win championships.  In this speech Dr. Redd details proven methods to create winning teams that meet and exceed revenue goals.

Transformational Leadership

No matter where you are today, there are opportunities for growth. In this speech, Dr. Redd discusses the attributes and behaviors of professionals who have elevated their leadership impact to positively impact their organization and reach the next level of success.

How to Strengthen Your Brand for Success

You won’t find out who you are until you’re willing to let go of who you’re not.  In this speech, Dr. Redd will outline strategies on increasing brand equity that do not compromise principles and priorities.

Next Level Leadership

Coaching leaders to achieve their dreams. In this speech, Dr. Redd shares how to develop your skills to become a well-informed, self-aware and knowledgeable leader both inside and outside the boardroom.

Lifelong Learning for Lifelong Success

In this speech, Dr. Redd tackles the idea of lifelong learning in professional development and why the ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge will allow you to seamlessly navigate change in the workplace and in life in general.

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Charles Redd